3 Words that describe Curtis

"Professional, Reliable, Fun." Dave Allot - Red Bamboo Studio
"Supportive, Driven, Perfectionist." Paul Nash - Danse Society
"Reliable, Talented, Dedicated" Mark Howley - ReMarkable Theatre

I'am a young, focused and dedicated musician who is currently based in Bridlington, East Yorkshire (UK).

I play several instruments. Guitar and Bass at Grade 8 standard plus Drums. I also perform regularly in and around the Yorkshire area of the UK.

I teach Guitar and Bass for grades (The RSL syllabus) or just for fun. I sometimes dep for bands where their guitarist or bass player is unavailable.

When not teaching or performing I have been in demand as a Session musician providing drum, bass and guitar tracks for many original solo artists.  


As a flexible musician I have also been involved in Theatre playing Bass and Guitar in the Orchestra pit for several shows. 

I genuinely enjoy collaborating and exchanging ideas with like minded musicians. There is always something you can learn from people which really excites me.


I have been involved in several bands and music projects playing different instruments spanning different genres. All of which has helped me grow into the versatile performer I'am today. With hundreds of live performances under my belt I thrive on stage and the buzz of the audience. I'am also equally at home in a studio laying down Bass, Guitar or Drum tracks as he has for many solo artists.


Bands (past and present) and acknowledgements go to:

  • Friday's Child

  • The Acoustic Beatles Experience

  • Animal Club

  • Groove Ninjas

  • Page 45

  • Pandemonium

  • Organised K-hos

  • Parking for Scots

  • Burton Agnes Jazz Festival

  • (Runner up twice in Scarborough BOTB with two different groups)