• Curtis Papworth

Featured Student - Faith Fawcett

Where do I start? Possibly with a WOW, OMG, HOLY SMOKE!!

Faith's mother, Kerry (an expert cake maker may I add), approached me after a referral from a friend to see if I could help Faith (aged 15 at the time) progress with her Guitar playing and music knowledge. As with all potential students we had a free meet and greet to check each other out. Having asked Faith to play me a few things I was immediately blown away.

What was immediately obvious when I watched Faith play was that she not only had natural talent but also a real love for playing.

We commenced lessons by working on technique and developing a consistent finger picking style which suits the kind of music Faith enjoys playing. We initially covered songs that Faith was interested in learning. We are now working on music theory alongside developing her playing. Faith's ability to absorb and retain new ideas and information is exciting and really does keep me on my toes. I am sure she will fly through her Grades.

I feel privileged to be working with Faith. I have no doubt that in time to come she will out grow me and go on to do great things with her music should she choose.

Faith has a passion and a real ability for writing and performing her own material. It is my pleasure to include a recording I made of her with just my mobile phone. It is one of her original songs "I THINK I'M FALLING FOR YOU"

I give you featured Student Faith Fawcett

Faith Fawcett

I have always loved music since I was little because my Dad played guitar.

From the age of 7 I played Violin which in the first year I had lessons at school. I then had private lessons for the next 5 years.

I only decided to learn Violin because I knew I wanted to do music but it was the only instrument I was offered at school.

I also enjoyed singing throughout this time period and I wrote my first "proper" song in year 6.

When I joined secondary school I started to enjoy playing the guitar more as I did it music class. I then became part of a band with one of my mates where we wrote songs together.

Since then I have continued to write songs and develop my music knowledge. I did my grade 1 Violin before leaving to focus on Guitar.

Music is very important to me and as well as singing, Violin and Guitar. I have also been learning a bit of Piano, Ukulele and the Dulcimer.

I came to Curtis for lessons because I was really interested in completing my grades for Guitar (practical and theory) I had lessons at school for around 2 years but I was not offered any grades. However, Curtis agreed to help me achieve my grades for Guitar and I am currently working on grade 2.